GravyBoy Issue 1


Four Page Preview

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Writer: Marty Blevins

Art: Brian Shearer

Cover Pencils: Randy Green


Thirteen-year old Philbert Pharmac is having the worst birthday of his short life. An early morning run-in with the school's most notorious bully squad earns him a spot on their hit list. Will he have what it takes to stand up to them when it matters most? In this issue, Philbert discovers his powers - and what it takes to be a hero.


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GravyBoy Issue 0


Four Page Preview

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Writer: Marty Blevins

Art: Brian Shearer

Welcome to the world of GravyBoy!

 This preview issue to the saga of the GravyBoy introduces Philbert Pharmac, standard issue middle-schooler with an undiscovered destiny, and the world in which he lives - a super-hero riddled world where epic battles in the sky compete for attention with schoolyard politics. 

The journey 
begins here!

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