Apr 2007

Fanboy Almanac Webcomic Spotlight
by Marty on Wed Apr 04, 2007 9:11 pm

Fanboy Almanac is the webcomic spotlight this week on HyattArt.com .

Brian and I were interviewed (at some length) by Riell Langlois (the writer of Captain Canuck: Unholy War).

Check out the interview at http://www.hyattart.com/forums/showthread.php?t=481

Team GravyBoy bustin' out all over.
Comic Review Weekly #64
by brian on Mon Apr 09, 2007 5:51 pm

This week Andy reviews Stephen Kingís Dark Tower series by Marvel.

Brian and Andy also discuss the latest fare from their B-movie night, upcoming movie and DVD releases, Rocky Balboa, and most importantly, the funk returns.

Click here to download MP3
by brian on Tue Apr 10, 2007 1:47 pm

What happens when you put a world renowned violinist, playing what's considered the most genius music ever composed using a 300 year old Stradivari violin, in the middle of a busy metro terminal in Washington D.C.?


Click here for a fascinating article
My head...starring:
by brian on Wed Apr 11, 2007 6:42 pm

Allow me to introduce the cast of characters. Elvis, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Spider-man. Where does this illustrious cast of players perform together? In last nightís dream. I know why Lewis and Tolkien showed up (Iím reading Lewisí Surprised by Joy, which as I mentioned to someone today, has made my life seem somewhat trivial) and Spider-man (Iím always around comics) but Elvis has me stumped. Except that, as the king, I suppose that he can do whatever he wants.
Spidey and MJ
by brian on Sat Apr 14, 2007 10:16 pm

I managed to squeak out a commission today. Enjoy!

Upcoming Mike Nelson Interview at CRW!
by brian on Mon Apr 16, 2007 8:46 pm

Get your trigger fingers ready to right-click on "download" this week, kids. Because we've got an upcoming interview with the great Michael J. Nelson.

Those of you who are Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans don't need to be told his resume. Those of you aren't sure what MST3K is, well...you'd probably recognize it if you saw it. Remember in the 90s when you'd flip through the cable channels and stumble across a B-movie with three sillouettes making wisecracks? Mike was the one who wasn't a robot. Sound confusing? Here's a picture.

These days Mike's working on Rifftrax. We'll be talking about his current gig and maybe what's in store for the future as well. (And as someone who's seen rifftrax a time or two, they're worth your dime.)
Comic Review Weekly - Michael J Nelson Interview
by brian on Wed Apr 18, 2007 6:58 am

This week we caught up with Michael J. Nelson of Mystery Science Theater 3000, and most recently, Rifftrax! Mike talks a bit about his pre-MST3K influences, briefly discusses a few of his writing projects, and talks about his latest work at rifftrax.com.

- Find out what the worst movie of all time is.

- Find out what the chances of a Mike Nelson/Joe Don Baker team up are.

- Find out what makes Mike Nelson, Mike Nelson.

And after youíve listened, go download some rifftrax, get a DVD and prepare to laugh.

Click Here to download the MP3
Chad Vader does rifftrax
by brian on Thu Apr 19, 2007 10:40 am

In keeping with our current Mike Nelson/Rifftrax week, I thought this episode of Chad Vader was pretty funny.

What I did today
by Marty on Sat Apr 21, 2007 9:44 pm

Repaired the roof on one of my barns

Built a fly new pad for the ducks and the chicks

Replaced this old busted faucet

with this bad boy

and hooked up an interview for Comic Review Weekly with Chris Sims of Chris's Invincible Super Blog

Busy Town!
by brian on Sat Apr 28, 2007 8:34 am

I've got a lot of work coming down the line for the summer. That's a good thing, I'm not complaining. I don't know that I can say officially what it all is yet but one bit of news that I CAN tell you is that GravyBoy issue 1 will be distributed to the major booksellers on JULY 8th. That's your Barnes & Noble, Borders, Books-a-Million, etc. type places. Still not sure when it'll hit comic shops.

In addition to some exciting but as-of-yet-unnamed-on-this-site work, I'll still be taking commissions and hitting the cons.

Here's a recent commission (along with its rough thumbnail...thrown in for good measure)

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